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Frequently Asked Questions

i have been writing web code since 1997.  i started back in the bbs days and used to run my own bulletin board system on a dialup modem.  i have kept up with the new web technologies as they came out.  for a few years i got to work for lucent technologes installing pbx systems on analog lines and i have progressed with the times and now i use voip for all of the phone systems i install.  so, to answer the question of why us…  we not only provide your website and search engine optimization, we will also provide all of the other tools to run your business.  such as quickbooks, your phone system, a crm, and more.   as my first page says…  i am a geek.

when i think about cost the first thing that comes to mind is…  “you get what you pay for”.  so yes, you could go to some inexpensive web designer and pay a couple hundred dollars to have them design you a site on wix or squarespace and come out with something ok…  we build all of our sites on custom built elementor theme for WordPress.  we make it so that you can edit your site in the future, and we are always available after for tech support.

our process is simple, we discuss the site you have in mind, you give us a few example sites that you like the looks of then we start the design process, thats where we setup wordpress, get everything online and design a layout and do any custom development that is necessary, this process takes anywhere from 2-4 weeks.  we then move on to content, we will have our seo copyrighter look over your content and tweak it to be more search engine friendly, design the pages and the menu, the content process typically takes 2-3 weeks,  finally we launch the site, which takes about another week to do finishing touches and tweaks.

we will provide you with tier 1 hosting services for the first 6 months free of charge.  during that time we will monitor your site and help you with whatever issues may arise.  we support our work 100% and want you to be happy.

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we provide amazing websites and other services to keep your business online!

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3CX Basic Certified
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